Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First Baby Shower

My coworkers threw us our first baby shower at the Eden Garden Restaurant in Pasadena. They threw it early (10 weeks) because we are all getting ready for my big event in 2 weeks and because they all think I'm going to stress myself and baby out too much and deliver while in Orlando (pray that doesn't happen).

We got some darling presents. Below is a picture of one of my favorites --a Winnie-the-Pooh robe and slippers.
We didn't get a lot of presents because my awesome coworkers went in together and bought us our stroller and car seat (Graco travel system to be exact).
(here's a good baby bump picture for those who have requested it)
Mike put it together when I got home that night. See how cute?
It's amazing how much smaller our apartment now seems with stroller in the front room...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day at the Races

My boss Jerry gave me some free tickets to the Santa Anita Race Track for Saturday. The tickets included free parking and free buffet, how could we pass it up. We had so much fun. Although it was pretty hot, we had a blast pretending like we understood what was going on. Anyone who is in an expert on horse racing is welcome to give me lessons!
All I know is that between Mike and I, we would be seriously good gamblers. The horse we picked to win won every time. It's very scientific how we figure it out... just before the start of the next race we would walk to the pens and see the horses for the next race. Whichever horse was the feistiest, hardest to control was my choice to win. Then we would watch as their handlers walked them out, and if the same horse we picked in the pen was giving their handlers a hard time, we knew we were right on the money. Too bad we aren't gamblers! We would have won the biggest race of the day and made lots of money.