Sunday, March 29, 2009

Human Science Experience

Over the last few days I have begun to feel like I am a life size science experiment. This entry is not for the faint of heart.

I truly believe no one really tells you all about the crazy and bizarre things that happen to you during pregnancy. I heard about the gas, constipation, constant need to pee, etc. But, I swear I never heard about pregnancy colds or bloody noses until I was already well into the pregnancy. I never knew that my gums would bleed every time I brush my teeth--forget about flossing! Oh, the the fact that your body releases a hormone that triggers the growth of "granny hairs" on your chin. I think I know where postpartum comes from!!!

What else???? I have so much blood flowing through my veins that when I was getting my pedicure yesterday my toes kept bleeding for the poor guy barely touching my skin. How embarrassing! Last but not least, my brain officially does NOT work. I can be in the middle of a sentence and lose what I was talking about. Words that used to come so easy now disappear into the abyss of my head. I compare it to a library where there once was books, now there are gaping black holes.

And yet, the second this amazing little girl in my belly moves I forget all about the weird things and want to sit and watch her kick. I never knew I could be so wrapped around someone I haven't yet met face to face. She has started responding to my voice. And speaking of wrapped around a finger, don't even get me started on Mike. He's a goner!