Thursday, October 16, 2008

Decorating the House

Well, I think I had better update my blog. Isn't it funny, I really thought no one read it. I've ignored it for a long time. So, imagine my surprise when I got on this evening and saw that people actually read it.

Anyone that has been to my house in the last 2 years knows that I have slowly been moving my living room color scheme to red and black. I think I have finally finished. I painted 2 bookshelves, the coffee table and some shadow boxes.

It makes me so happy to come home and see my fun decorations. Notice Mike's Robosapien on the bottom shelf. That is one serious robot--he whistles, burps, throws, talks back and dances. Who needs kids when you have a robot?

I just relocated my shadow boxes, and I got bored mid-way through hanging them. Hence the reason two of the boxes are sitting on top of each other.

All of these are nice, but the piece de resistance of our collection is the newly acquired painting we picked up from Deseret Book. I love, love, love it (did I mention love?).