Sunday, January 25, 2009

Baby Bump

Well, I guess can officially announce that I'm pregnant. Mike and I are expecting our first baby on 7/8/09 (sooo easy to remember, huh?). I will be 17 weeks this next Tuesday.
Unfortunately I promised someone a photo, so alas, here it is:

I'm experiencing body inflation. This is what I look like now, but...
This is what I currently feel like

We are thrilled about the baby. We felt it move about 2 weeks before Christmas. I was sitting on the floor and my pants were pulled tight across my tummy and I thought "That is either really strong gas, or the baby is moving." So I touched my lower tummy and felt what felt like fingers brushing across my hand, separated by a thin layer of skin. I grabbed Mike's hand and he felt the baby move twice, and I felt it once more. In that indescribable moment, the world changed for us. It was magical.
Mostly since then it feels like butterfly flutterings. However, starting this last week the movement now feels like popcorn popping.
Although Mike and I would love to bask in the spotlight, we get to share this fun time with my sister Robyn (due about 2-3 weeks before us), my sister Summer (due about 1.5-2 weeks before us) and my eternal friend Jenn (due about 2-3 weeks after us). I personally think that is hilarious. (This is what I look forward to)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas Post, Better Late Than Never

We had another great Christmas. Mike and I did our Christmas on Dec. 22, because we were packing and heading up to Utah, we didn't want to haul our presents up there. Mike gave me a Fender acoustic guitar and 40 music lessons. I've always wanted a guitar. Watch out! I may be the next biggest thing on the music scene. Compared to the guitar, what I gave him wasn't that exciting: cologne, a men's valet, a Car Talk 09 calendar, the book "The Last Lecture" and the ever exciting socks.

We spent Christmas in Logan with Mike's family. It snowed 2 feet of snow! We were so excited, so we got up and spent 4 hours shoveling snow. Here we are shoveling (I know you will love my hat!).

Well, by that night I was sick and stayed sick for the rest of the trip. We weren't so excited about snow then. I told my mom we'll come visit in the summer, but we are going to skip winter. She doesn't think I'm very funny.

Peterson Family

We headed to Salt Lake to hang out with the McBride family. We had a pretty good time, albeit I was still horribly sick for the majority of the time. Here are some McBride family photos (sorry, lots and lots of them):

Friday, January 2, 2009

That's my team

Undefeated! Utah stuns Alabama in Sugar Bowl

No. 7 Utes roll over No. 4 Tide 31-17, finish as nation's only unbeaten team

Need I say more?