Thursday, June 3, 2010

Peterson Happenings

It has been awhile since we've updated. So for all 2 of our readers, here are the latest goings-on in the Peterson family.

Avaree is now 11 months old and so adorable! I can hardly believe that almost a year has gone by since she was born! Every time I look at her I think she looks taller and more like a toddler. Our friend says she has legs like a mythical fairy because they are so long and cute.
Weight 19.6 lbs
Height 29 in.

We went to Utah and visited family. I think Avaree picked up on a few things she should be doing (like pulling herself up on things).
Here are the 3 baby cousins together. Their other cousin Brenna is keeping a close eye on them.

We went to Utah after my conference. Another resounding success. Hope that means I'll keep my job for another year! :)
The hotel where I held my conference asked me to give up my room so some of my attendees could get into the room because the hotel was sold out. They moved me to one of the last rooms available in the hotel, which was the Presidential Suite. No complaining from us! Avaree and I
cranked up the sound system, turned on the music videos and had a dance party. We had fun jumping on the couches!

Meet the new addition to our family.
His name is Hunter (or thats what his microchip says). Someone dropped him on the trail by our house and through a crazy chain of events he ended up with us. We have tried to find his family, but no one is appearing.
He is one of the most well trained dogs we've ever seen (the vet agrees!). Someone put a lot of money into training him. We weren't necessarily looking for a dog, but are quickly adjusting to the idea.
Avaree loves him already.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

10 months old

Avaree at 10 months
Height: 28"- 28 1/2"ish
Weight: 19+ lbs
Developments this month-- she said her first word which was "love". What a perfect word for her!!! One of her favorite words is "beep, beep". She's funny because she will say a word for a day or so and then we can't get her to say it again.
She knows how to kick a ball. I was shocked one day to watch her pull keys out of a lock and then attempt to put the keys back in. She is eating solids like a champ. There are very few food items she won't eat.
She finally got her first tooth. And her favorite thing in the world is to wave at people (which is also the cutest thing in the world).
George looks so small now!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

We had a low key Easter spent mostly at home. On Saturday before Easter we went to the LA Arboretum to the Beatrix Potter Easter day. There were lots of activities including; Easter egg hunt for ages 1 and under, rabbit ears, bubble blowing, and, of course, Beatrix Potter story time. We had a great time and hope you did too.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Avaree 9 months old
Weight: 18.5 lbs 50%
Height: 28.5' 50%
Head circumference: 95%

She is a bundle of joy. The one word that best describes her is happy. She smiles and laughs all the time. She loves to tease us and has started to growl to make us laugh.
George doesn't stand a chance anymore!
And she finally crawls (army crawls that is). But now she is very mobile.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Avaree's Room

I've always wanted Avaree to have a bright, colorful room. I think I have a little Spring Fever too, so with an idea inspired by one of my favorite bloggers this is the final result:

Peterson Update

Here is a quick photo Peterson update.
In January we moved from Fullerton to Duarte. (Here)
This is our view (taken on a rainy day, so you can't see all the gorgeous foothills).
Right by a 3 mile trail, which is covered with wildflowers. This picture is a couple week old, now the trail is covered with yellow, orange and purple flowers.
The trail is near this... a spiky tree!
We also live near this hike.
And this one
We haven't made it all the way to the waterfall yet.
That's kept us pretty busy, but somehow Mike found time to fly this:
That's him inside

Saturday, February 27, 2010

8 months

Avaree 8 months: 18.5 lbs.

Avaree is loving our new place (I'll add photos next time). We found an amazing hike 5 minutes from our house. She loved it, but apparently it was making Mike sleepy.
Her personality is really starting to come out, she is so funny. She loves to tease and to laugh. Everyone that meets her says she is the most mellow baby.
She finally rolls around a lot and she is slowly figuring out crawling. She loves to walk (with assistance). She thinks she has conversations with us.
Here are the George photos:

And the biggest milestone (drum roll please)... she now can put herself to sleep. And we didn't even have to do the horrible "cry it out". Yay!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

7 months

Obviously I have been a slacker.I'm in a super crummy mood tonight (stress, my lifelong friend) and thought writing this would make me feel better.
Avaree's 7 months stats
Weight: 17.2 lbs (really the only thing we know)
And since I didn't do this last month, here are Avaree 6 months stats:
Height: 26.5 in 75th percentile
Weight: 17.1 lbs 75th percentile
Head: 45 cm off the charts- I say it's to keep all tho
se brains in there
She is so much fun (I know, do I say that every month?). She is so coordinated and getting to be mobile. No crawling, but finally successful rolling.
I missed Christmas update. So here it is...
We had an amazing first Christmas. Avaree loved her presents- mostly loved the tissue and wrapping paper. Here she is with her loot.
The day after Christmas we drove up to Utah. We had a lot of fun visiting family. Here she is with her Grandma Peterson.
The best part was seeing the 3 babies together.
Here is Isaac and Avaree in their outfits Aunt Leslie brought back from China
While we were in Utah she really started sitting by herself
She went on her first sledding trip. Here we are being pulled by Avaree's cousins Emily and Shaelyn

Wow, that worked. I feel better! Yay. I guess I should do this more often.