Sunday, March 21, 2010

Peterson Update

Here is a quick photo Peterson update.
In January we moved from Fullerton to Duarte. (Here)
This is our view (taken on a rainy day, so you can't see all the gorgeous foothills).
Right by a 3 mile trail, which is covered with wildflowers. This picture is a couple week old, now the trail is covered with yellow, orange and purple flowers.
The trail is near this... a spiky tree!
We also live near this hike.
And this one
We haven't made it all the way to the waterfall yet.
That's kept us pretty busy, but somehow Mike found time to fly this:
That's him inside


Sara Warren said...

What took you to Duarte? Thanks for the update. I was way out of the loop.

Peterson's said...

Duarte is much closer to my work. I was spending 3 hours a day commuting and my baby and work were suffering. So we made a temporary switch. Now we are looking for something permanent up this way.