Monday, June 29, 2009

She's Here!!!

Announcing Avaree Brooklynn Peterson
Born June 25, 2009
Weight 7lbs 8 oz
Height 20 inches
Labor time 22 hours

I am in awe...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Crazy times

Life has been crazy and hectic for Mike and I over the past week and half. Before I get into that here is what may be my last baby bump shot.Yes, my baby is HUGE! My doctor thinks she weighed about 7.5 lbs last week (that is 3 weeks before her due date!).

The current adventure for the Peterson's is that last week I was diagnosed as having cholestasis of the liver. Yes, it is something as gross as it sounds. Pregnancy hormones are blocking the normal function of my liver, so bile (yes bile) is backing up into my blood stream. Fine for mama, potentially very, very bad for baby. Apparently it only happens in about 1% of pregnancies in the US. And no, I didn't do anything to deserve it. It's just a freak happening.

So, to make a long story short, we were supposed to be moving to a bigger place last Saturday, but my doctor wanted me to do an amniocentesis on Thursday and then deliver on Friday. Well... the amnio doctor couldn't do the amnio until Monday. We still rushed and moved on Thursday. I already miss my garden where we left behind tomatoes, blueberries, pepper plants, flowers (esp my gerbers).

The bright side is that at least we got the nursery set up before she comes.
We did the amnio yesterday (never want to do that again) to see if the baby's lungs are developed enough for me to deliver her. Current status is that we are waiting for a phone call at any second from my doctor to tell me if we have to go to the hospital today and be induced or wait until next week when her lungs are developed enough.

Either way, I really wish that this wouldn't have happened and that she could have come on her own. But, I would much rather have a healthy, safe baby than wait for her to come.

And more than anything I have lucked out beyond belief to have such a supportive husband as Mike. The work that he has done over the last week to get ready for the baby is unbelievable. I am so lucky!!! Thanks Mike!