Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2 Months!

Two Months Old

One Month Old

I got the great idea from some friends (thanks Jasmine and Janica) to take a picture every month with Avaree with a stuffed animal to show her progression. We always meant to get a better stuffed animal but didn't, so it's Curious George.

Avaree is two months old today. She weighs over 11 lbs and is about 22 1/2 inches (I think). We are so happy to have her weight right where it is supposed to be. I didn't realize how small she was at one month, but looking at these pictures she was as thin as George!

I am thankful that she has survived and been so patient with Mike and me figuring what exactly it means to be a parent. She is such a great baby, she smiles all the time and really doesn't cry very often. I now understand why babies are called 'Bundles of Joy" because joy is the only word to describe what I feel.

Here a few Avaree pics.
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Two Blog Entries in One

Because I haven't written for awhile I'm compiling 2 entries into one big one. Hopefully I've included enough photos to keep this blog from being boring.

We just finished up another McBride Family Reunion in Utah. We love family reunions because they are chaotic, energetic and fun. However, we are always glad to get home to our own beds.
We did a lot of fun touristy things we don't usually do in Utah, such as visit the state capitol, children's museum, Clark Planetarium, and more. Below is Mike and some of the nephews at the capitol.
I didn't get as many pictures of the family as I thought I did. But we got a few fun ones of the babies.
Avaree and her cousin Isaac were born on the same day. Isaac was born early in the morning in Colorado and Avaree at the end of the day in Cali. Isaac was born a week or so late and Avaree was born 2 weeks early.
We took these pictures to compare the size difference. Isaac is so cute, he already smiles and talks to everyone. Yes, he is hitting my baby's face in this photo. We wanted to include their cousin Allyson, who was born the week of Avaree's real due date, but they had to head home to Wyoming so we missed the third comparison. Avaree is closer in size and development to Allyson.
Here are Avaree and Allyson napping on Grandma's bed. Note how well Avaree takes her naps.

While in Utah we had the baby blessings for Avaree and Isaac. It turned out so great, we had all of my family and a lot of Mike's family. Mike gave Avaree an amazing blessing. She looked so darling!

Ah, I do have a picture of the 3 baby cousins together. This is me, Avaree, Robyn, Isaac, Summer and Allyson.

We had a lot of fun and were glad to see Mike's family. We got a family picture and it wasn't until today that I realized that there are 4 generations of Peterson's in this photo.


We went up to Logan for a day to see Mike's mom and Mike's dad and his wife.
Personally think it's a good look for Hans. Jason was the hairstylist.
Heidi was the recipient of her own lovely hairstyle, courtesy of her girls.

Grandpa Patch and Lauren loved having their red-headed grandbaby.

Thanks for another fun trip!