Thursday, May 28, 2009

Trip to Utah

This is an old post that I started weeks ago and I am just now posting...
After all of the insane work hours I put in at work, I haven't done much nesting around the house. About two month ago I felt a strong pull to go home to my family in Utah, which I think is my way of nesting.

We flew home from Orlando on Thursday, just enough time to repack bags and go to bed. Then we flew out on Friday at 7am. We were picked up by Heather and Timothy. Did I ever mention that Timothy is stinkin' cute?

We started our trip the family way, with a soccer game. Teams were Carlos and Benjamin vs Timothy and Mike. Of course Carlos and Benjamin won, it's in their blood. Kaleb gave me a perfect smile and the twins discovered my water bottle.

Later that day we went to Wheeler farm.

On Saturday we went hiking with my sisters and the Arauzo family (minus Carlos) at Solitude. The path we took was still covered in snow, we had a blast. Go figure we could wear shorts in May in the snow. Mike was careful I didn't fall because none of my sisters wanted to deliver our baby up the mountain.

On Monday we celebrated Summer's birthday by eating a scrumptious cake. Mike and I also snuck off to buy Rogers Bakery Donuts (which are the best donuts EVER- you won't believe me until you try one). Then we went to another park to play with the O'Connors and Arauzo's.

Shortly after we came home. I think this was the best trip home that we have had in a long time for several reasons 1- because it wasn't snowing, 2- because my big show was over, so I was just starting to relax, 3- because my family is awesome.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Work Trip: Orlando 2009

Tonight Mike and I returned home from being out of town for 14 days. For most of our trip we were in Orlando for my conference CEIC. I know I've talked many of your ears off with talk of my work (or been such a workaholic that I haven't been in touch), so I thought it might be fun to share some photos of what I do.
First, doing this event 7 1/2 months pregnant is tough! I had to sneak off to take a nap one day. And, being the dummy that I am, I overdid it two days and can now boast that I know what contractions feel like. I hope/think they were only Braxton Hicks. Luckily, I kept Mike close by to keep tight reins on me.
The trip turned out great. I had more attendees show up than I anticipated (which cause a MAJOR problem with food), Leonard Nimoy was so popular (he is really a very nice guy- he was excited for my pregnancy), and I got to see Stephanie (Mabey) Strickland my childhood best friend.
The conference was at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort, such a great hotel.

The event would have been perfect, except for the fact that it started raining monsoon like rain on Sunday afternoon and didn't stop until Wednesday. Ironically, my show runs Sunday through Wednesday. My biggest party is held pool side Sunday evening.
The rain that ruined my party.
But, our event team motto is: "it is what it is" so I improvised and still had a great party.

Here is a slide show of trip photos.