Thursday, June 3, 2010

Peterson Happenings

It has been awhile since we've updated. So for all 2 of our readers, here are the latest goings-on in the Peterson family.

Avaree is now 11 months old and so adorable! I can hardly believe that almost a year has gone by since she was born! Every time I look at her I think she looks taller and more like a toddler. Our friend says she has legs like a mythical fairy because they are so long and cute.
Weight 19.6 lbs
Height 29 in.

We went to Utah and visited family. I think Avaree picked up on a few things she should be doing (like pulling herself up on things).
Here are the 3 baby cousins together. Their other cousin Brenna is keeping a close eye on them.

We went to Utah after my conference. Another resounding success. Hope that means I'll keep my job for another year! :)
The hotel where I held my conference asked me to give up my room so some of my attendees could get into the room because the hotel was sold out. They moved me to one of the last rooms available in the hotel, which was the Presidential Suite. No complaining from us! Avaree and I
cranked up the sound system, turned on the music videos and had a dance party. We had fun jumping on the couches!

Meet the new addition to our family.
His name is Hunter (or thats what his microchip says). Someone dropped him on the trail by our house and through a crazy chain of events he ended up with us. We have tried to find his family, but no one is appearing.
He is one of the most well trained dogs we've ever seen (the vet agrees!). Someone put a lot of money into training him. We weren't necessarily looking for a dog, but are quickly adjusting to the idea.
Avaree loves him already.